Preparing For Your First Ironman

By Tom Piszkin

This series was originally written in preparation for Iroman USA in Lake Pacid, NY 1999.
1: Calling All IronPeople 2: The Road To Lake Placid 3: Bring on the Power 4: Jump to Warp
5: Cruise Control 6: The Need for Speed 7: At the Crest 8: The Two Week Tweak

At the Crest
by Tom Piszkin

This is the seventh leg of your USA IRONMAN sojourn. August 15th
isn't far off. If you've been traveling the (up hill) road to Lake Placid 
with us, you're on the final push. July will bring your training to its
peak and offer you a distant view of your race day.

Enter the month on the speed recipe we cooked up in the previous installment. 
Add a 30 minute run to the end of your first July long bike ride. Keep
your heart rate at 70%. Add 60 minutes to the end of your second July
long bike ride. Don't change any of your other workouts up to July 17th. 
Take this Saturday completely off. On the 18th ride 70-90 miles at 70%
HR then run 2 hours at 75% HR. This is your peak!

Swim easy, stretch and walk the next day. Bike 45 minutes easy and
stretch the next day. Run 30 minutes easy and stretch the next day. Swim long 
and stretch the next day. Take the next day off. Run 60 minutes easy and
stretch the next day. Bike 90 minutes easy and stretch the next day.
Repeat this sequence another week--the last week in July.

Enjoy this respite--like you would enjoy the view of an alpine meadow
from a vantage point earned by few souls. It's okay to coast here. 
There will be some work to do the first week in August, but for July,
stay focused on this two-part cresting formula.